I have been in school (well…College at least) since Fall of 2005. Since then I have signed up for classes pertaining to 3 seperate majors. I have passed, failed, dropped, skated by, and all the while¬† down this road I was completely unaware of which direction I was headed in.

Through all the time that I lacked “direction,” however, I lost my momentum- that special longing that gets you excited for the big scary world that comes after your degree.

Now its a different story. I know what I want to do and who I want to be and where I want to go (well not exactly “where” but which direction…)

My decision gets me funny stares. It gets me concerned responses that are full of hesitance.

I am getting a degree in Psychology so that I can go on to get my Ph.D. and with that I will work in a Children’s Hospital with children who have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses as a counselor. Depressing? Yes. Very much.

But everybody deserves to smile. Everybody. Especially (!) a child. And if everyone in the world was too afraid that it might be too sad, who would help them smile?

And let’s be honest…who wouldn’t want to put a smile on this face?



It is perfectly reasonable for me to believe that this blog will be forgotten by me, as many others have, in the span of a couple of weeks.

Why, then?

Inspiration. Spontaneity. For the pure excitement!

And because sometimes…all “crazy person” comments aside… Sometimes, there is no better person to run your ideas by than yourself, and perhaps a few curious onlookers.